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The Sustainability, Enterprise and Employability In Schools (SEES) project is centred around equipping young adults with employability and entrepreneurship skills through a series of workshops; re-framing employability into a fun challenge, we build confidence and encourage a growth mindset.


We're currently working with a local alternative provision school, to engage their students with enterprise through product empathy mapping. This program will help prepare students for further education, encourage them to understand consumer needs and ultimately, learn how to understand the needs of others, in order to create value for them. Working with the school to encourage these learning behaviours, we're excited to see how the students develop throughout our program.


Our project TakeCare is empowering children with special educational needs to express their frustrations within their school day through digital animation and also supporting their parent carers through social events to tackle the common feelings of isolation.

Working with schools, we're using the stories of young people with special educational needs to enact change in their learning envirnoment. Our partner schools are leading the way to a more inclusive learning envirnoment fit for all their students.

In partnership with Rainbow parent carers forum and Cafe Sobar, we arrange social events for parent carers to express how we can better support them and their children.

Doing Homework

Zimbabwe Fisheries Project

The Zimbabwe Fisheries project is giving people in Bulawayo a means to create their own income in an economy with very little income opportunities.

This starts with an initial investment into the conversion of the swimming pool into a fully functioning fish farm. This initial investment can be soon paid back, but to aid the community further we enable other local people to be trained at the site we have invested in, therefore enabling us to invest in further fish farms and scale up our impact.

Bright Greens

We use innovative technology, such as aeroponics and vertical farming to show primary school children that there are innovative solutions reducing climate change.

This became meaningful to us when we discovered that a lot of young people are anxious about the future, with one student descrining "the world burning" as his future. We want to flip this pereception on its head, and although we can't impact climate change directly, we can empower young people through practical experiences to "feel like scientists".


These experiences improve the students interest in science, which is reflected by their engagment in their science lessons as part of the curriculum. We envisage students feeling able to learn to tackle anything in science because of their experience with out hands on project.

Kids in Vegetable Farm
Happy Kids with Books

Mrs' Oakes Storytelling Club

The Mrs Oaks' Storytelling Club project aims to build positive self-images for primary school children so that they can feel empowered to positively impact the world, enabling them to believe that they are capable of achieving their ambitions.

We do this in three parts:

1) Get them thinking big through stories of how people have changed the world for good.

2) With guided prompts, start writing their story of how "Tabby the cat" changed the world. Build the character up and tell the story through our guided animation.

3) Guide the student through how they could become more like Tabby the cat. "What makes Tabby the cat so successful? How could you be like Tabby the cat?"

Anti-Knife Crime Empathy Development

Our project will focus on developing Nottingham students understanding of the effects of knife crime. Through Nottingham-based VR experiences and the real stories of people affected by knife-crime, we provide a unique and powerful learning experience for students.

By partnering with reformed criminals associated with existing anti-knife crime charities, they will deliver this decision-making workshop in a local alternative provision school who are keen to see this project succeed.

Virtual Reality

Our Growth Over Time


Assembled our new team and defined our shared mission


Levelled up our team structure and organistion


Started 3 new projects, doubling our project portfolio


21 NTU staff connections made: 30 student members total


Large project development & networking


Won 2 project competitions & completed an innovation session



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