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2D Motion Graphic Content Creator

Want to tell the stories of our projects and benerficiaries so that we can improve human well-being? This role is suited for someone interested in breaking down complex topics into funsize videos with a style similar to YouTube channels such as Vox. Telling these stories, you'll be fundamental to us raising funds and attracting new student talent throughout NTU.

Innovation Team Member

This is our biggest team within Enactus. It's filled with NTU students of various degree backgrounds and life experiences. We want you to get involved to continue to grow our project portfolio with new innovative ideas! This is a flexible and social role with plenty of opportunity for you to get stuck in! Teams will be allocated based on students interests so that you can start making impact in communities you care about most.

Marketing Team - Social Media Strategy

This role is suited for someone who is detail-orientated, organised and excellent at social media strategy. Helping us to grow our social media directly benefits our team and project impact!

Project member (education)

This role is perfect for someone who's excellent with young people and has a strong interest in education and developmental psychology. Our projects are focussed on improving the learning behaviours of students in both mainstream schools and an alternative provision school - Reach out for more information!

Animation in Schools

This role is suited for someone who is keen to work in our projects TakeCare and/or Mrs Oake's Storytelling club. We're looking to recruit students who could create a fun tutorial for young people, so that they can navigate an animation tool of your recommendation. These projects are dedicated to supporting young people's ability to express themselves (check our projects out for more detail!).

Get involved and change the lives of these young people!

Anti-Knife Crime Project - Media Team

This role is suited for someone who is keen to contact knife crime charities and family's affected, support them in telling their story through interviews and use this material for our storytelling VR experience. This project is dedicated to sharing true and emotive stories from different perspectives - all with the aim of building empathy around the issue of knife crime in Nottingham. This project idea has been recognised as one that could be BIG this year, and has potential to go to the National Enactus UK Competition.


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