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Join Our Growing Team

We’re always looking for new people to add value to our team. There's plenty of exciting roles to get involved in.

Open Positions

Marketing Team Member 

  • Creating and posting content for our social media (Instagram, LinkedIn)

  • Promoting our projects, workshops and events Documenting and posting about social events

  • Copywriting and checking content before publishing it

  • Creating blog posts for our website etc.

Finance Executive

  • Setting and allocating budgets for projects and events

  • Coordinating with team leaders to effectively use funds

  • Preparation of budget splits and financial controller of spending

  • Recording of all expenditure and income for audit purposes

Anti-Knife Crime Project Member

  • Engaging with and developing young Nottingham students to help them understand the effects of knife crime

  • Working with affected schools and knife-crime charities to raise awareness of the severe issue

  • Working within the project team to generate more empathy and attention for knife-crime in Nottingham

SEES Project Member

  • Running school workshops based around Sustainability, Employability and Entrepreneurship

  • Helping prepare students for further education through workshops and projects

  • Helping re-frame employability into a fun challenge for young Nottinghamshire students

  • Working with the project team to deliver these sessions

Bright Greens Project Member

  • Using innovations such as aeroponics and vertical farming to show primary school children interesting ways of reducing climate change

  • Provide experiences that improve children's interest and engagement in science

  • Empower young children through practical experiences to "feel like scientists"

  • Complete tasks assigned to you by the project leader

Mrs' Oakes Project Member

  • Work on projects to help primary school children build better self-images and empower them to positively impact the world

  • Run storytelling clubs in which students write their own stories about changing the world for good

  • Work with the project team to successfully run and develop these storytelling club in schools

VR Designer

  • Would be working on the antiknife crime (Save Reality) project to design an effective VR experience.

  • With instructions from the project leader: create an engaging and educational VR experience that emphasises the significance and seriousness of knife-crime situations

  • May do work on other projects or events if needed

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