Last year, we delivered workshops on sustainability, employability and entrepreneurship in schools (hence the name SEES); however, we found it more fitting after the pandemic to focus on employability. This is because SEES was greatly affected by the pandemic since we were no longer able to deliver workshops face-to-face and schools were closed for the most part of the year. 

Over the last couple of months, we have been working towards developing an online package on employability. 

We also decided to target youth groups instead of schools to allow us to focus on more disadvantaged members of the community as well as to avoid the strict timetable/curriculum limitations which schools have, especially since the new term began. 

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TakeCare began after conducting a needs assessment with Rainbow Parent Carer’s forum. Our initial aim was to provide a door-to-door laundry service to primary care givers, once a week. Once we got in touch with Rainbow, they agreed to a focus group meeting with us. When we pitched the laundry idea, the parents were not as interested as we had hoped, instead they suggested a project which would help them unwind and get pampered as a way of improving their well-being. The consensus was that the parents rarely get time away from their children and/or responsibilities so this would be something for them to help them de-stress.


Before the pandemic, we made plans to get in contact with mobile beauticians so that the carers could get a weekly pampering. While attempting to map out the logistics and sustainability plans for this idea, the country was now under lockdown. Understandably, this was a very trying time for the carers. So, we organised a virtual session with a psychologist (in partnership with an Enactus team in India) to help the carers deal with stress management. Unfortunately, due to the stress they were all under, Rainbow had to cancel the event.

This gave us the idea that we should focus on more virtual events moving forward.




ZFP started with the aim of using fish farming to help reduce tourist poaching, mainly in rural Zimbabwe. After we contacted Enactus NUST who are based in Zimbabwe, we decided it would be simpler to work with locals who are also in need of a second source of income.  


We have been working on ZFP for over a year now to the point where we finally have a detailed plan of how exactly we can go about implementing this project. 


With the restrictions on international travel, we will be looking into the possibility of postponing this project for after Christmas. However, if we manage to raise funds to conduct a pilot sooner, we will reconsider a new timeframe. Additionally, over the next couple of weeks, we will be working as a team, along with our project partners at Enactus NUST to work out how to move forward. 

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